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Level up and get additional two levels, Level-up Burning Event!

Event Period

After Cygnus Knights update (09.11) - 10.09 09:50 (server time)

Server Time

America Server (UTC-8) / Europe Server (CEST/UTC+2) / Asia 1, 2 Servers (GMT+8)

Event Details

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  • Players can choose a Burning Character that has been newly created during the event period.
  • The Burning Character will receive two additional levels for every level-up in a certain level range.
  • The Burning event applies to characters between Levels 3 and 75.

Event Note

  • [Burning Level-up Buff], which gives two additional levels for every level-up, will be applied between levels 3 and 75.
    • The Burning Character will level up to Level 75 from Level 74.
  • Players can select only one Burning Character per account.
    • If players were to delete their Burning Character, they can select another newly created character as the Burning Character. (If the Burning Character is on "Deletion Pending", the player cannot create a new Burning Character.)
    • If the Burning Character has reached Level 75, the player cannot choose another character as a Burning Character.

*Burning Characters cannot use Storm Growth Elixir between Levels 3 and 75.

*The Burning event buff will disappear when the event is over.